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Institution: Universidad Azteca (Mexico)

Programme Accreditation:

1st Accreditation: 3rd December 2013 – 4th December 2017

1st Accreditation: 3rd December 2017 – 4th December 2022

The Universidad Azteca (also known as Universidad Azteca de Chalco) is a private university in Chalco, Mexico in a community in Mexico State in the greater Mexico City area.
Legal Status
Universidad Azteca is affiliated with the Centro de Estudios Superiores Azteca. The private university was established in 1984 and recognized by the Federal Secretary of Public Education (SEP) of the United States of Mexico in 1987. The university is accredited by the Reconocimiento de Validez Oficial de Estudios (RVOE) by the Secretary of Public Education (SEP) to award graduate and postgraduate degrees.
  Listed with the official Mexican Government Cultural and Scientific Information Exchange Network as an accredited university.
Universidad Azteca de Chalco is also listed with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)'s International Association of Universities.
SEP Recognition
With main campus and satellite campus in Mexico, Universidad Azteca is a recognised private university, meeting the legal requirements for name and status of “Universidad” as well as counting on various programmatic accreditations (RVOE) by the federal government Secretary of Public Education (SEP).

Global Excellence

Universidad Azteca demonstrates overall commitment to quality by the Global Excellence Certificate for the applied QMS awarded by LAQI Latin American Quality Institute. Universidad Azteca is subject to supervision and quality assurance by SEP in accordance with Mexican higher education laws. Universidad Azteca can offer programmes and award degrees with RVOE and university own programs and degrees, can collaborate internationally with universities abroad, offer dual and multiple degree programs, and may obtain international accreditation or validation instead of or in addition to national RVOE for international programmes.

National Recognition

Due to national recognition status as private university in Mexico of Universidad Azteca the recognised university is listed in the IAU International Handbook of Universities:

ASIC Accreditation

Universidad Azteca is internationally accredited by ASIC Accreditation Service for International Colleges and Universities, with “Premier Provider” status. Verification of the accreditation status by ASIC can be found on the following websites:

ASIC International Directory:

Universidad Azteca: 

ASIC, Accreditation Service for International Colleges and Universities, based in the UK, is a UK Border Agency recognised Accreditation Body, a member of the British Quality Foundation (BQF), sits on the Quality Standards Group of UK NARIC, is listed in the international registry for the UK of CHEA, the US Council for Higher Education Accreditation, and is a national UK Affiliate of ENQA, the European Network of Quality Assurance for Higher Education, which recognises ASIC as a bona fide quality assurance agency.

ENQA is recognised by the Mexican government Secretary of Public Education. ASIC inspections include an examination of the content and standard of the curriculum as well as the quality of its delivery to learners. ASIC also pays close attention to the consistency and reliability of assessment. However, it should be noted that ASIC neither confers nor validates degree-awarding powers. ASIC inspectors conducted thorough audits at the university in Mexico, including domestic and international programmes, and on their criteria based evaluation report the ASIC commission has accredited Universidad Azteca in the best ASIC category with Premier Provider status.

AAHEA Membership

Universidad Azteca is also a certified member of AAHEA the American Association for Higher Education & Accreditation, the oldest US non-governmental and non-profit association for the advancement of higher education and accreditation (since 1870).

The Dean of European and International Programmes is based in Austria, where all programmes provided in Austria are duly approved and registered by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research as comparable to Austrian university programs and degrees in accordance with the requirements of the Austrian Act on Quality Assurance in Higher Education, see:
AABPS and OFQUAL Approval

Universidad Azteca is accredited as Approved Centre by AABPS Accrediting and Assessment Bureau for Postgraduate Schools, a UK OFQUAL recognized awarding organization. 

Additional Recognitions and Memberships.

Universidad Azteca is accredited as Approved Centre by EBMA Education for Business Managers and Administrators, a UK awarding organization.

Additionally, Quality Assurance Commission QAC UK, a UK Higher Education Statistics Agency recognised and registered programmatic Accrediting Body, accredited the programmes of Universidad Azteca as aligned to programmes and credits according to the UK QCF Qualifications and Credits Framework, for access to the professions.
QAC UK is recognised as a Supporting Body for Accreditation in Higher Education in the United Kingdom, listed with the UK Government National Archives of Professional and Supporting Bodies for Access to the Professions, was a Registered Accrediting Body with Higher Education Statistics Agency in the United Kingdom, with HESA Registration Number 18001, registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers UK Provider Reference Number: UKPRN: 10033072.
Universidad Azteca – European Programmes is an approved member of the European Council for Business Education ECBE. ECBE is an Affiliate of the European Association of Quality Assurance for Higher Education (ENQA), which recognises ECBE as a bona fide quality assurance agency and a network of higher education institutions and agencies.


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