Institution: European School  (Tbilisi, Georgia)

EDU Accreditation: Valid – 11th April 2014 - 11th April 2018

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•European School holds a State Certificate

•European School adheres to the National Curriculum, as approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.

•The School is staffed by qualified pedagogical personnel, among them – 12 doctors of science, 7 – professors, 17 authors and co-authors of schoolbooks, 12 instructors (in contemporary teaching methods);

•The school provides additional sessions for drawing, art history, piano and guitar. There are choreographic, theatrical and TV studios;

•Foreign languages: French, German, Russian, English are taught with an active involvement of native speaker teachers facilitating the lessons and club activities. Students undergo language training - Language study courses abroad - in the UK and Germany;

•There are five sports halls, among which three indoor gyms;
•Various sports trainings (chess, table tennis, tennis, basketball, football, karate) are held in the school.

•A School Psychologist, Pediatrician and Speech and Language Therapist are available for school pupils;

•The school operates a cable TV channel functioning by means of 102 TV monitors. Informative, cognitive, scientific-educational programmes are broadcast, sport games are broadcast live;  •Informative-technological service equipped with up to a hundred personal computers, a specially designed study program enabling a possibility to further widen access to quality computer education and to start teaching computer basics as early as kindergarten;

•The school web-site enables parents to interact with the school. To get a full information about their children’s progress academic assessment and creative success via an electronic diary and Magti 7777 operator;

•500-seat dining room provides pupils and the school’s employees with free meals.
•The school provides transportation service to its pupils and teachers;
•No more than 12 pupils per class;
•Preschool Education Centre is opened to children from age 3.

•European School, Ltd

•Address: 34a Al. Kazbegi Ave. 0177, Tbilisi

•Tel: (995 32) 39 44 94; •Tel: (995 32) 39 59 64

•Fax: (995 32) 39 54 17


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